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Patchwork partnered with 'Hugs from Home' by sending quilts to Iraq.

This unforgettable picture shows one of our heroes wrapped in a Patchwork quilt as he journeys home on a gurney.


Thanks from ministry gift recipients

"I wish to thank you from my heart for the wonderful and generous gifts that you have so unselfishly given to our mission. Your many beautiful quilts, cards and financial support for shipping will touch so many hearts and boost the morale of many troops in harms way.

The time and love put into each quilt and card will bring encouragement to so many, who at times wonder if those at home are behind them. Each and every stitch sends love and prayers for safety and comfort to all of those who receive them … the notes attached express the perfect message to all about God’s love and being cared for by Him ... times get rough in Iraq and your gestures of love will not be forgotten.”

— Kathy Carlson, Hugs from Home

“My mom requested me to send a thank you for the beautiful quilt … that was the last day she asked to sit in her chair. She was so happy with her quilt … my thanks to all you ladies.”

“Thank you for the beautiful tote to hang on my walker — it will get lots of use. I am truly blessed.”

— Unnamed

“Thank you for so many beautiful handmade quilts. The new parents and babies love them. May God continue to bless you all.”

— Pregnancy Resources

“What a wonderful surprise, I love it. I use it every day & show it to all my friends. It is so bright & cheerful and a great reminder of all the people who are praying for me. Thank you once again. God bless you all.”

— Edith MacKay

“Thank you for the beautiful blanket and a special thank you to Joan Beard. I will use it daily, especially to keep my legs warm.

Your witness is recognized in this community. May God bless each of you as you reach out to hurting people.”

— Harold Morgan

“Patchwork of Grace, First Baptist Church Melbourne. God bless you and keep you!! I am deeply touched by your kind generosity.”

— John Harrison

“Thank you so much for the bright and beautiful quilt. It was such a wonderful and uplifting surprise to find waiting for me at my front door when I came home from my 1st chemotherapy treatment. God’s timing is perfect! I truly appreciate all of you ladies for your faithfulness to serve our Lord through such a special ministry. Your talent shines bright!”

— June Fowler